Our Ceremony Wedding Pics Taken By Nonhyeon Black Touch Studio in Seoul During Autumn Season

We took our ceremony wedding pics. Those were taken by Black Touch Studio in Nonhyeon Seoul. we took at ceremony wedding pics at Cafe Ian.

This is ceremony wedding pics collection on video. I will put the youtube link about that



How we met and our four season blasian couple’s hand picture collection in South Korea

Okay so it is time to tell how we met.

We met through our mutual friends. My female friend knew The D’s guy friend so they set up blind date for us

When we did first date The D gave me a rose flower to me. It was super impressive because nobody did that for me. 

So we started to date in April 2015 and we took four season blasian couple’s hand pictures to make good memories. I will put the youtube link about that


Ms H and The D Introduction

Hi everyone

I want to introduce Ms H and The D

Ms H and The D is one of the blasian couples. Ms H is from Seoul South Korea and The D is from Larens South Carolina USA. 

We have lived in Songtan South Korea and currently We are living in Montana State USA. However We will move back to South Korea in next year May. We will settle down in Pyeongtaek pangsungeup which is near US Military Base named Camp Humphreys.

Our dream is establishing non profit foundation named The Harmony for offering culture exchange and supporting blasian families and blasian kids in South Korea. I know it might be difficult to do it but i wanna do it seriously and will do my best with The D. So please cheer up us!

Next time i will write about how we meet and about our love story